10 Effective Strategies to Sell on Amazon and Become a Pro Seller

Amazon market is growing and is a robust market to compete and survive. Numbers of Amazon merchants and sellers are rising due to which the market is getting fiercer than ever.


But, if you have the right selling techniques and strategies, this marketplace is a highly profitable and rewarding platform.


Here are some of the most effective strategies to use to sell on Amazon.

1.Follow Amazon’s Rules

If you are violating Amazon’s selling rules, you will not likely to get suspended or penalized. When compared to other platforms, Amazon is known for its easy to understand and clear policies.


You can find the policy page in the central account. Read the policies and make sure you are following them to save yourself from any troubles.


Actively Manage Inventory

2. Create Convincing Product Details for Reaching to Potential Customers

Amazon is filled with thousands of products, if not millions and customers looking for great deals. Customers can narrow down the search using various filters or by mentioning the product with the wanted features.


Either way, Amazon is going to look for the right search fit products to present to the customer.


Your product information plays an important role, More detailed and authentic product specifications and reliable information increase the chances of fitting the buyer’s needs more efficiently.

3. Compete Using the Product’s Price

On Amazon, you can find some of the best deals in the market. This is just one of the reasons why people prefer to shop through this marketplace. Every seller tries to sell at the best price to attract more buyers.


A detailed study of the product’s prices related to the product is the key to compete against other sellers. If you want to sell your products, you need to make sure you are setting the right price tag.

Use Large Product Images

4. Move to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

If you want to become a pro seller, it is a good idea to move to FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that allows sellers to ship their products in advance to Amazon warehouses.


FBA takes care of delivery, customer service, refunds, and return. In other words, it gives sellers a lot of time to focus on other things in the business.


Even though fees are pretty high, moving to FBA can significantly boost your sales.

5. Your Customers Are Your Top Priority

Having happy and satisfied customers is the key to success in any business.


Every time a customer wants to ask something, his questions need to be answered as soon as possible. Amazon shares all the questions by your customers to you and expects a reply within 24 hours. Keep in mind that this may impact your seller account.


It is a good idea to link your account to your smart device and ensure quick service and happy customer experience.


It is also important to enter the tracking details.

6. Make Efforts to Win the Buy Box

Did you know that around 80% of the sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box? It is important to know Buy Box to get more sales on the products.


Buy Box is a page that opens when buyers click on recommended results from their search.


There are a few things you can do to grab a spot at the Buy Box:

Good seller’s account reputation and low prices:

If you have a good seller’s account with positive reviews and even better prices, you have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box.

Using Amazon’s bundling policy

You can create a set of items to make one unique product. Amazon’s bundling policy help buyers save time and purchase instantly. This is a great idea to skip other stores and hopefully with the Buy Box.

Selling unique products:

If customers are looking for unique products and you are the only seller who is selling those products, you will definitely win the Buy Box. Having your own product line is a way of guaranteeing that the Buy Box is yours.

7. Actively Manage Inventory

Your inventory is important for maintaining your rank. The sales ranks to all products are based on the quantity, as well as, the arrival of the sale. Running out of stock is not an option if you want to become a pro seller on Amazon.


You need to make sure you manage your inventory in advance. All your stocks should be pre-order. It is essential to plan well to meet the demand needs during a busy time when shipments become slow and there is an expansion in sales.


It is smart to maintain re-order levels.

8. Use Large Product Images

Images are important when selling products online. A description is not enough to sell your products. A good image is also required.


Amazon has rules when it comes to images. Every image should be 1006 or more pixels in size.


The main image should have a white background. A large size and high-quality image create trust.


Your products can be sold if the image matches the description.

9. Use Amazon Keyword Tool

Keywords are words customers use to search the products they want to purchase. Keywords can help customers find the product without wasting any time. If you want to get more customers to your page, you must use the right keywords for your descriptions.


Avoid repeating the keywords in the title. Amazon search engine will ignore completely.

Amazon has rules when it comes to images. Every image should be 1006 or more pixels in size.

The main image should have a white background. A large size and high-quality image create trust.

Your products can be sold if the image matches the description.

10. Remove the Negative Reviews

A negative review may ruin your product sale and affect your online business. Your account and seller status gets in danger. You may be suspended or worse.

Always make sure to get negative reviews removed. Whenever you get a negative review, try to communicate directly with the customer and explain the situation.

Amazon is a transparent and popular platform to use. Using the right strategy can help you beat your competitors and earn profits.

Use these ten tips to become a pro seller and take your online business to new, unusual heights.