A Short List of the Best USA Web Hosting SolutionsThere is no doubt that having a website is a smart idea, especially if you are a business owner. In order to have an attractive and successful website, you need more than a good domain name and a good design, you also need the best web hosting solution. If you are based in the United States, you should know that there are some great USA web hosting solutions. We will use this article to reveal the best ones.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web may not be the most popular hosting provider in the United States, but it definitely has a great offer. This hosting provider is focused on managed dedicated server hosting. They have a long list of apps and additional extensions in their offer which can help you create and manage the perfect site. Keep in mind that Liquid Web hosting is primarily focused on people who have at least minimal technical knowledge. Their packages are more expensive too.


HostGator provides a wide array of hosting packages like WordPress, dedicated web hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. It’s really easy to get the best hosting plan with their help. They are also letting users customize these packages, so if you really know what your website needs you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you are paying for. As a result of their huge offer, the price of hosting plans is different, but they have some really low-priced packages.


GoDaddy is probably the most famous USA web hosting option. With years of experience in this field and millions of powered websites, GoDaddy is a good option for every category of business owners – from new website owners to experienced website owners. What most people like about GoDaddy is the chance to get more than web hosting. This platform is offering packages that include domain name registration, email addresses, and even some online marketing tools too. If you use these packages you can expect huge discounts.


One of the reasons why Wix is on this list is their great editor. So, besides the fact that you will get reasonably priced hosting, you will also get an opportunity to build your website from scratch. The Wix website builder comes with a user-friendly design and intuitive tools. They also have excellent customer service and they offer excellent bandwidth and security.